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Providing the Best Quality of Services for your Project

Gaxiola's Painting Services is a Portland Oregon  painting contractor. Specializing in interior & exterior projects, we provide commercial & residential painting. Additional services also include taping/plastering (drywall repair), Pressure Washing. 

Offering free consultations from knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Always willing to work within clients budget, without compromising the quality of service. We create value for our customers by tailoring our services to their unique needs.

Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home speak volumes as it attracts the eye before anything else. Not only is your home's exterior paint job the first impression your gests have of your home, but also greatly affects your home's curb appeal and resale value.

Interior Painting 

There is a large amount of prep before a brush or roller hit's the wall!!

Every project needs proper & professional preparation, tools, and supplies that will protect your furniture, floors and other items to prevent stains during the process of the project.

Commercial Painting Services

Our skilled painting craftsman pay careful attention to every detail, producing superior results in any setting. Gaxiola's uses only the finest products, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure a professional look and lasting protection.

Our jobs are done efficiently as we're no bother to your customers or tenants. We understand your expectations.


Your Current Cabinets Can Be the Cabinets 

of Your Dreams!!

Cabinet Paint & Refinishing in Gaxiola's.

A kitchen is a place of entertainment and energy and nothing sets off a kitchen like a beautiful set of cabinets. Unfortunately, the cost of replacing kitchen cabinets can come at an extraordinary cost. Cabinet replacement includes gutting the entire kitchen and installing new cabinets, countertop, backsplash, plumbing and fixtures leaving the kitchen space unusable for weeks on end. If only there was a better, much more reasonable option.

Professional Cabinet Refinishing utilizes your existing cabinets to give them life and style that was never thought imaginable. At a fraction of the cost of replacement, your kitchen cabinets can be transformed into a work of art. Depending on your taste, the style and composition of the cabinets, we can do several procedures.

Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting can turn tired cabinets into bright glowing accent pieces. Many homeowners try to paint cabinets themselves but are very displeased with the final appearance due to brush marks, runs and unevenness. Depending on the desired final appearance, we can  give them a professional spray application. This will leave the cabinets with a near factory look. Being that most cabinets have a clear coat finish on them, it is important that the products adheres well to the surface. Our procedures will ensure that the products will not chip and peel short after application. The products themselves are specifically designed for cabinets and will be able to withstand the daily use.

Stain /Lacquer

Decks can be damaged by rain, heat, wind, and snow. If you are looking for a company that can help you to restore the former beauty of your deck, then Gaxiola's Painting LLC. Is the company you can trust! We proudly offer professional power washing and deck sealing services so you can get back to enjoying your garden as soon as possible. Whether you need to paint your new deck or complete sealing services or minor deck restoration, you can trust our highly-trained team.

Pressure Washing

 We proudly offer professional power washing and deck sealing, services so you can get back to enjoying your garden as soon as possible. Whether you need complete sealing services or minor deck restoration, you can trust our highly-trained team.

We Are Ready To SATISFY

 Your Project Requirements

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